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"I have an ongoing injury to my back that I sustained over 20 years ago. At worst I have acute pain with very little movement, at best i have stiff, tight muscles in my back. I have been fortunate enough to have regular appointments with Mel since 2005; to say that my quality of life has increased is an understatement ...I know that without her (bowen) treatments on a regular basis, i would not have had the improved flexibility, movement and pain relief..." Trish Shanks.

"Thank you so much for your help over the last 2 years ...I am no longer in constant pain with my knees and ankles, my posture is much better ...I have never been able to stand so straight!" Amanda Shanks

"For a couple of years I had been experiencing increasing stiffness and pain in my hips knees and shoulders s...I have been going to see Mel regularly now for the past the past 18 months. I no longer have pain or stiffness in my knees or shoulders. The pain in my hips is all but gone. Bowen Therapy reduced my pain and stiffness and helped me regain a level of mobility that i though was gone for ever." Mrs Gobetz


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