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Welcome To Soletude Body Therapy Mel Jordan...

From 25th August 2014, Mel Jordan of Soletude Body Therapy will be joining the dynamic team at PHYTNESS HEALTHCARE in Fairy Meadow (north of Wollongong).

Conveniently located at 50 Princes Hwy Fairy Meadow NSW 2519, Mel specialises in Fascial Release techniques, and tailors each treatment to suit the needs of every client.

These benefits may include:

      • Realigning your spine & joints
      • Improving your overall health & well being
      • Reducing stress & tension
      • Helping you relax and unwind
      • Relieving symptoms of arthritis
      • Improving your circulation
      • Reducing neck and back pain
      • Relieving headaches & migraines
      • Helping with depression & illness
      • Assisting in the healing of sports injuries & strains
      • Relieving symptoms of asthma & colic

For more information, or to make an appointment

call 02 4285 1725 or email



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